Known for their delectable baked goods, Southern Style Sweets, a staple in the Flour Bluff community, is all set to add another feather to their cap. The bakery, celebrated for its custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, and an enticing breakfast menu, has now ventured into the world of lunchtime treats.

In a recent announcement, Southern Style Sweets revealed they will now be serving lunch on two special days of the week. Patrons can look forward to tantalizing Focaccia pepperoni pizza on Thursdays and a sumptuous Bakery Club sandwich on Fridays. However, the excitement doesn’t end there. The bakery has teased the introduction of a brand new sandwich, the details of which will be unveiled tomorrow morning.

Starting at 11 am until supplies last, this lunch service promises the same level of culinary excellence that Southern Style Sweets is renowned for. For those who find their stomachs growling a little early, the bakery offers the option to call ahead and secure their meal.

In a community-centric move, Southern Style Sweets is reaching out to the hardworking teachers of Flour Bluff, offering lunch deliveries directly to their campuses. Similarly, NAS workers aren’t left out of this thoughtful gesture; with a minimum order of five, they too can have a delicious meal delivered straight to their workplace.

The essence of Southern Style Sweets has always been about creating a warm and welcoming environment. Their complimentary coffee with any purchase, and now the extended menu, only goes on to reiterate their commitment to the Flour Bluff community.

For orders, inquiries, or to satisfy a sudden savory craving, reach out to Southern Style Sweets at 361-353-4485. This bakery’s evolution from sweet beginnings to savory delights is a journey every Flour Bluff resident should partake in!


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